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2 de outubro de 2018

Wish list of Chamaripa Shoes

Hi, people, how are you?
I'm doing very well, thank you. I met a super cool shop and shoes, and show some little things from her to you. The bridal shoes, although they were not, were very welcome the piece of clothing. And today I'm going to talk to you some trend shoes, some masculine, some feminine, besides some super cool models and on account of work boots. Come on?


Daddy Shoes are trend for this year 2018, the more time passes, the more popular they become.
The tendency is that the tendency, the exaggerated and the ugly, until the most recent moment, have been the touches of delicacy and spells that were exposed to the eyes
Women Elevator Shoes Pink Sneaker with Lifts Heiht Insole Shoes to look taller 7 CM /2.76 Inches
AWhat is new, what enchants them is the fact that the bow of the world is less curved than other models, comes to be, which in my opinion brought the maximum of delicacy that could have, without losing model weight. That's why I loved it.
Resultado de imagem para Women High Heel Boots Black Hidden Platform Shoes Height Increase Shoes 7 CM/2.76 Inches
This is a beautiful women's boot that reminds me of a sneaker, I loved it so much that I do not even know. It had black and white. I bought a black and white to wear one foot each. (WISH!) Would you wear this boot with one foot in black and one in white?
Resultado de imagem para Lift Sneakers Get Taller Shoes Height Gain Shoes
Look at this men's sneaker, and let me know if it's not super stylish! I want to give my boyfriend a gift because I really love it. A combination of colors gives a super young and cool style to the look, and looks upright to ride this sneaker. And you ?
In regard to men's shoes, super models, super stylish, and for various occasions. Look:

And then, still in this category of men, Chamaripa Shoes has a category only of work boots. They are not able to protect their own feet and shins when they are working, but are also great for making trails, their types of jobs; outdoors, or not. In addition, they are made with quality materials, and are easy to combine.
In the page of best work boots, you can see the selection of the shoe store for the most diverse activities.
brown work bootswinter work boots
These are some examples of work boots that you can find in Chamaripa, as I said, they are easy to combine. Current, functional. You can find the boots that are waterproof to your winter boots. Is not it amazing?!
And here are my favorite favorites.
Elevated Shoes Boots Hidden Heels For Men Daily Business Casual 6.5CM/2.56 Inch Height Elevator ShoesElevator Boots Men Dress Lace up Ankle Boots Shoes
Chosen by a weight by a force, and by passing on that message. Just think it looks wonderful to us with this piece. The marrion I chose, because I have a crush of coturnos like this, and this one reminds me a lot of the chorus of the coturno that Peeta Melark used in Em Flames, if it chose that, it combines with something blue (it is an image that I have in my mind); and I chose that reddish one simply because it is beautiful; of all, is one that I would use even if I was masculine, I identified with her soles, with a color, the cutouts; I really fell in love, and you?

After knowing a little of the Flame, we find the lovers of the store, and the shoes that have them.
If you have interest in anyone, visit a store. I bet you guys will love it.
Not for today, that's all. I wait for you in the next post.
See you!

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  1. Tem mesmo modelos bem bonitos
    Novo post //Intagram
    Tem post novos todos os dias

  2. Parabéns pela parceria!! Me apaixonei pelo modelo infantil, e adorei a bota feminina, usaria com certeza!!

  3. Achei o primeiro tênis bem bonito é a minha cara <3

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  5. Não conhecia loja, mas realmente as peças são lindas. Adorei


  6. Fantastic article! I bet top LinkedIn professionals would agree with your blogs.


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